Dicar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Shawn Spencer, reports:

“Fresh off the success of SuperCorrExpo 2016, Dicar entered 2017 with great momentum. Our base of loyal customers continues to grow. We introduced new products, relocated our corporate headquarters into a modern, ergonomically optimized office space and enhanced our cyber presence with a redesigned web site complete with an online store featuring many popular Dicar products.

In 2017 we introduced our latest generation of the very popular Dicar Equalizer®. The Equalizer G4 further enhances the benefits of our popular diecutting system. The Equalizer constantly compensates for anvil wear or other surface speed differences by allowing the anvil to be driven by the cutting die. Therefore the speed of the drum and the cylinder are perfectly matched to provide maximum die-cut size stability and reduce wear on anvil covers and cutting dies.

The G4 incorporates a patented Snap Sleeve split bearing design. The Snap Sleeve accommodates thermal expansion for consistent and easy mounting, permits a single bearing segment to be removed from any position for optimum rotation patterns and simplifies installation and rotation. The Snap Sleeve also allows operators to install the covers from the position most convenient for them and then simply slide the covers and sleeve into place.

Other recent Dicar products including our ergonomically friendly AnviLatch cover mounting system, Emba Die Cut Bearing Upgrade and SpeedStrap boltless magnetic pull bands for printing and diecutting continue to gain popularity in the global market. Our replacement wheels for the Geo Martin Scrubber and the EVOL counter ejectors have also gained popularity over the past year.

We took on a major cyber overhaul in 2017 that included a complete redesign of our website (dicar.com) to maximize performance and usability and optimize the visitor experience for both desktop and mobile devices. The redesigned site includes a major ecommerce section that allows registered users to take advantage of the convenience of 24/7 shopping and ordering as well as Web Only Specials. We will continue to expand the quantity and variety of products available through The Dicar Store as well as continuing to enhance our cyber presence with new opportunities.

In 2018 we will remain dedicated to providing superior quality products, like our industry leading Anvilok® Soft Anvil Die Cutting Covers, and user focused service to our customers and partners. We will also continue to focus our R&D efforts on enhancing existing products and bringing exciting new products to the converting market.

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers and OEM partners for their business and the opportunity to share in a mutually successful 2017. We look forward to being a part of their continued success in the coming year.”