EMBA Die Cut Bearing Upgrade

The innovative Dicar Emba Die Cut Bearing Upgrade brings a new level of ease-of-use and efficiency to your Emba diecutting station. The new patented Snap Sleeve™ allows removal of individual bearing sections and makes installation and mounting easier and more efficient in close quarters. The “split bearing” design accommodates thermal expansion to maintain consistent cover mounting. The use of standard Emba covers and the ability to slide the bearings along the cylinder make installation and rotation simple and quick.


  • New patented “Snap Sleeve” bearing design
  • Uses standard Emba cover
  • Allows removal of individual bearing segments for efficiency and ease of use
  • Ideal for ‘Side Set’ machines
  • Split bearing design accommodates thermal expansion for consistent and easy mounting
  • Bearings slide along cylinder for easy rotation
  • Operator can install covers from one location and slide them into place

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