Pine Brook, NJ – Dicar, Inc. (Dicar), a world leading manufacturer of durable urethane components for the corrugated packaging industry, announces they have entered a sales agreement with CleanPrint® USA (CleanPrint), to be a US supplier of Evolution BioClean and Evolution Starch Off systems and supplies.

“We’re continually looking for ways to help our customers enhance efficiency and increase profitability”, says Steve Warll, Chairman & CEO of Dicar. “Whether it’s through our own product innovations or introducing customers to new innovative products like BioClean and Starch Off. We are excited to be partnering with the CleanPrint team and to add these products to our range of offerings.”

“CleanPrint is very pleased to welcome Dicar to market BioClean and Starch Off,” says Geoff Literski, President of CleanPrint. “Dicar is a respected supplier of high-quality products and services in the industry. Our products have been accepted very well by the corrugated industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. Teaming with the Dicar sales force extends our boots-on-the-ground support for customers in the US as we continue to grow our global market.”

“Ink clean-up and starch build-up are some of the biggest complaints we hear from operators and maintenance crews,” says Shawn Spencer, Dicar’s VP Sales. “They’re doing quick changeovers from one order to the next. They’re trying to minimize the down time between orders. It can be easy for ink and starch systems maintenance to get out of hand. Then suddenly anilox cells are plugged in the print units and print quality starts to suffer. When starch builds up the glue machines, singlefacers and other corrugator components, it can be a costly and labor-intensive task to clean it up. Keeping the applicator rolls clean, delivers stronger and flatter board and increases production output. That’s where the benefits and advantages of the CleanPrint products come into play.”

In only a 2 – 4 minute wash cycle, the patented Evolution BioClean system flushes and cleans the entire ink system, pumps, anilox rolls, doctor blades, chambers, tubing and pipes, anyplace ink circulates. The Evolution BioClean solution is an environmentally safe biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-hazardous water-based complex formulation with unique blend of specially engineered enzymes that quickly liquefies dried ink and flush the ink system clean. When used with the patented CleanPrint automatic cleaning system, anilox performance and life is improved and production output is increased. Depending on your shift structure, you may increase your production output and revenue by up to an extra hour per day. The solution can also be used to quickly and safely remove dried ink from print plates, machine and plant surfaces.

Starch Off eliminates the need to scrape or chisel dried and gelled starch build-up from corrugator components. The patent pending system uses optimized biodegradable enzymes to quickly break through the surface of built-up starch and melt it away. Simply apply the foaming cleaner. Let it soak and then hose it off. Starch Off can also be circulated through the starch system to remove starch build-up from the internal components of the starch system. Starch Off is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, it is unique, simple to use, safe and effective on all type of starches including cross linked tapioca, wheat and corn. Using Starch Off will reduce downtime, reduce board warping and delamination, reduce corrugator wear and increase your production percentage.

For more information visit click here, or contact your local Dicar representative.