Magnetic Scratch Pads™

Made from the same durable urethane as Dicar anvil covers, Dicar’s Magnetic Scratch Pads provide a durable surface that protects your countertops and other work surfaces, tools and parts from scratches, cuts and damage. The self-healing urethane makes an ideal cutting surface allowing hundreds of thousands of cuts. Its dense molecular structure prevents accidental ‘cut-through’ in most manual cutting operations. The magnetic backing holds the scratch pads in place on metal surfaces, such as toolboxes and metal top worktables, making it perfect for mobile applications such as mechanics tool chests and quality control carts.



  • Durable, self healing urethane for long wear
  • Dense molecular structure prevents accidental cut-through
  • Protects work surface, tool and parts from cuts, scratches and damage
  • Standard kit includes four (4) 10x 12 inch pads
  • Magnetic backing secures pads to metal surfaces, but pads may be used to protect any flat level surface
  • Pads may be arranged and trimmed to fit any surface size
  • Ideal for mobile applications

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