SpeedStrap™ Magnetic Diecutter Pull Band

The Dicar SpeedStrap for diecutting, like SpeedStrap for printing, is a reusable, quick and cost effective way to maximize sheet control through the diecutting section when no cutting die is installed, or in cases where the cutting die may only be positioned over a small portion if the sheet. The SpeedStrap’s magnetic backing allows the strap to be quickly placed and positioned to enhance sheet pass through on the diecutter and provide maximum sheet control and enhanced efficiency through fewer jams and reduced waste.



  • Position the SpeedStrap on the die cylinder to provide sheet support and control through diecutter
  • Wide magnetic strip delivers strong, positive grip, no bolts required
  • Quick/easy on and off, simply lay it in place and peel it off
  • Reduces waste and chance of jams for enhanced efficiency
  • Safe, effective and easy to use

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