Anvilok® 2 Xtrawide (A2W)

The Dicar A2 Xtrawide is available in many popular sizes. Like the standard A2, these new Boltless Anvil Covers for steel cylinders have a patented dual durometer compression lock that eliminates the need for a mounting bolt. The dual durometer lock makes installation easy and eliminates any soft or flat spot over the lock area to ensure consistent wear and cutting. They are around 25% lighter in weight due to the fiberglass backing which makes covers easy to handle, remove and rotate.

The Xtrawide reduces the number of covers per set. Therefore, the number of seams as well as cover rotations times are reduced.

Both the Standard and Xtrawide A2 covers are ideal for quick easy rotations, using our Power Rot8tion(sm) method!

Watch the video below to see Power Rot8tion in action!

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